How to convert your crypto dusk into BNB coin on Binance exchange?

2 min readMay 16, 2018

Let’s imagine that you have around 0.00000657 LTC, 0.0000456 ETH, and 0.00000042 XRP, but you can’t sell it because this amount ain’t enough for placing an order on Binance exchange. Not a problem! Our dear Binance platform provided us with an opportunity to convert our dusk into BNB coin, which you can use also for paying your exchanging fee with 50% discount(Did you know that? Yep, awesome).
So, go to your wallet on, and click on “Convert to BNB” as on picture below.

Then on the next page (on the pic below) check which dusk coins you want to convert into BNB and if you are agree with exchange rate — simply click on “Exchange”.

That’s it! Your dusk have been converted into BNB coin. Please pay attention that you can do this action only once a day. Enjoy!


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