How to put a bucket (buy limit order) under dumping altcoins on cryptomarket? Yeah, we are not kidding.

4 min readJun 30, 2019

Bitconsul Cryptoconsalting team want to present a bit funny but with some part of sense article about how to catch the dip on dumping cryptomarket while you are trading and buy altcoins in Bitcoin trading pair with nice discounted price:)
(Please be sure that you understand — this article is not financial advice.)

It’s good idea to set your own buy limit orders for some altcoins while Bitcoin is dumping or rising in price, because usually we see a big drop for at least 90% of all altcoins in Bitcoins trading pair. In this BTC behavior altcoins are going down in price and usually this dump is somewhere between -7% and up to -20% so there will be good idea to catch some altcoins which you want with nice discount — especially if you know that there are such altcoins that trading with using smart market making system on different cryptoexchanges, altcoins have upcoming news or software releases or you have spotted some unusual activity in buying volume for some period of time. This idea will be good for catching dip price and make some 5% — 10% quick profit when your selected altcoin bounced up from temporary support line which is somewhere from -7% to -20% point. Be aware there are big probability that you could not to catch dumped price for some altcoin (it’s unpredictable thing) or even catch it but keep going down for more dump, so please be sure that you’ve selected good crypto project with relevant crytpocurrency, and not some shitcoin (in certain cases shitcoins is not bad, but there are not big amount of them, so better stay away), and always follow you money management (in more simple words — watch your portfolio better and not buy/hold shitcoins:)

We want to show you how exactly this works with interesting illustrated examples below. And yes, buy limit order on -10% from current price we are calling like ‘put your bucket under altcoins on dumping cryptomarket’:))
We have NANO in BTC trading pair on the pic below, which showed -10% dump while Bitcoin goes to update 2019y ATH (All Time High) and whole cryptomarket is dumping in BTC trading pair.

On the pic above you can see NANO/BTC trading chart, on first right side you can see whole market is…


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